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Recruitment & Staffing

Chromatic Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. (“Chromatic”) has evolved into an integrated Human Resources services company with a commitment to provide people and people-related services to enhance net worth of the human capital of the organizations. Chromatic provides customized solutions to various industries which requires professional and skilled Employees/Staffing.

We are committed to provide Superlative resources for our clients in both IT and Non IT domain.

Recruitment is the process of searching and selecting skilled candidates for a vacant job profiles within time and cost effective manner. We help organizations to place genuine people on the suitable jobs as per requirements. Our recruitment process includes analyzing the requirements of a job, attracting employees to that job, screening and selecting applicants, and help our client organizations in hiring task.

Why Us?

Unlike, most HR Companies, we are backup by an KMG (Knowledge Management Group) wherein all the partnering companies associated with us share domain expertise wherein we are providing them Recruitment Services.


Also, the entire portfolio is backup by an autonomous software engine built in house (“Pravesh”) which is an End-to-end HCM (Human Capital Management).

This Software is an Cloud oriented & On-Premise, Mobile (Google ® Android) first application.

We have covered the complete ERP life-cycle of the HRMS portfolio, which is beginning from Financial Planning, Sourcing, Screening, Assessment (with Psychometric & Aptitude Test),  Offering, BEV, On-boarding, I&O, OJT, Payroll, PMS, Grievance management, Whistle-blower to FNF & Exit.


Thus all our customers have to simply raise a small request in our application via Web/Mobile and therein they are able to track the complete lifecycle of the candidate to employee processing. The software is very fluidic and advance in its own way.


With the help of technology we ensure that the customer experience an complete automated Recruitment in line to their compliance, adherence to their requirement and very user friendly application with advanced MIS reporting software.


Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment is a core function of   Human Resource Management.

Lateral Hiring

Lateral recruitment is the process of hiring a seasoned professional.

Managed Staffing

Managed staffing describes facilities like support management and out sourcing services.

Head hunting

Head hunting is a very specialized area of recruitment of high profiles.

Background Employement Verification (BEV)

BEV includes Contacting previous employers to verify an applicant’s job title, tenure, and salary claims.

Mass Recruitment

Mass hiring is nothing but hiring candidates? Employees in bunch for a particular  organization and for a specific set of projects or work.

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