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Surveillance Camera



Mobile Vehicle Tracking and Body Count Solution

CMD-4FHD Mobile DVR is a compact, full-featured recording system. It provides H.264 high-quality and max 4 channels of 1080P/720P AHD video recording and fleet management for police car, ambulance, fire engine, buses and trucks.

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Video Surveillance

H.264 main profile coding system 4-CH 1080P/960P/720P AHD video recording 4 channels audio recording 4G Real-time remote monitoring

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Screenshot 2024-05-06 163434.png

Fleet Tracking

Direct communication through dispatch messaging. Support over speed alarm, panic alarm, route deviation alarm, etc. Lower fuel and operating costs through monitoring and tracking your vehicles’ activities.


4G LTE/3G/2G Support GPS/BD/module expansion WIFI transmission compatible with GPRS, EDGE

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Screenshot 2024-05-06 151930.png


The firmware is upgraded without replacing a new device The working parameters and firmware could be updated remotely.

Management System

The Fleet Management System will be provided to users for tracking location of vehicles, check the event happens in vehicle and upload the video remotely. It has below features:

Screenshot 2024-05-06 152114.png

1. Provide the live video streaming to users by both mobile application and website.

2. User could upload or download the video from the MDVR remotely.

3. User could set up the video uploading plan.

4. The panic alarm will activate an uploading of video to control center.

5. The user could set up the limitation to use the 4G data.

6. The device maintainer could upgrade the MDVR program remotely.

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