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Comprehensive ERP Software for Educational Institutions

Our ERP software is designed to streamline and enhance the administrative and academic processes of educational institutions. With a suite of powerful modules, our system ensures efficient management and seamless operations, allowing educators to focus on what matters most: delivering quality education.

Core Modules

Attendance Management

  • Track student and staff attendance effortlessly.

  • Generate daily, weekly, and monthly attendance reports.

Homework Assignment

  • Easily assign and manage homework tasks.

  • Track submission and provide feedback digitally.

Admission Management

  • Easily assign and manage homework tasks.

  • Track submission and provide feedback digitally.

Student Profiling

  • Maintain comprehensive profiles for each student.

  • Track academic and extracurricular achievements.

Teacher Management

  • Organize teacher schedules and responsibilities.

  • Monitor teacher performance and feedback.


  • Get a real-time overview of key metrics and activities.

  • Customize your dashboard to highlight critical information.

Custom Reporting

  • Generate tailored reports to meet specific needs.

  • Analyze data to make informed decisions.

Database Search

  • Quickly find and retrieve information from the database.

  • Use advanced search filters for precise results.


  • Set and manage reminders for important tasks and deadlines.

  • Ensure nothing is overlooked with automated alerts.

PT Connect

  • Facilitate parent-teacher communication.

  • Schedule and manage parent-teacher meetings.

Worksheet Management

  • Create, distribute, and grade worksheets.

  • Track student progress and comprehension.

Online Exams:

  • Conduct exams online with secure and reliable tools.

  • Automatically grade and analyze exam results.

Offline Exam Management

  • Manage traditional paper-based exams.

  • Record and analyze exam results.

Marks Management

  • Track and manage student marks.

  • Generate report cards and academic transcripts.

Result Management

  • Compile and publish exam results.

  • Provide detailed analysis of student performance.

Syllabus Management

  • Plan and manage the academic syllabus.

  • Ensure curriculum compliance and timely updates.

Multi-School Management

  • Manage multiple schools under a single system.

  • Centralize data and streamline administration.

There are Different Roles

Super Admin

  • Oversee all operations and manage system settings.


  • Monitor overall school performance and strategic planning.


  • Manage day-to-day school activities and academic progress.

Computer Admin

  • Maintain and troubleshoot IT systems and infrastructure.


  • Handle financial records, fees, and budget management.

Class Teacher

  • Manage classroom activities and student progress.

Subject Teacher

  • Conduct subject-specific teaching and evaluations.


  • Access student information, progress, and communicate with teachers.


  • View personal academic records, submit assignments, and take exams.

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