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Smart Education


         Today Chromatic Infosystems is amongst the pioneer as a complete solution projector for smart school platform. We have a driven solution both ICT (Internet and communication Technology) driven and completely offline system. We hold sufficient/relevant experience in building Smart Education Platform using ICT/Non-ICT systems. We have extensive experience working in government school with Marathi, Hindi, Urdu and English Medium Classroom arrangements. Currently we are serving NMMC (Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation) Schools which mostly consists of Marathi medium. Our designed Solution does not just meet KPI of the school but create simplicity for students, teachers, administration and parents combined. The solution is designed keeping in mind simplicity where in even veterans can simply follow plug and play educate model. At the very same time we ensure that syllabus is up to date, tracked and collectively communicated. Chromatic has provisioned a size able team to ensure that we perform surveillance, ensure preparation of schools/classrooms/computer labs, assist the school in their limitations and deliver the project as expected.

The hardware we choose meets all child safety regulations i.e. EPR, Projection Radiation, Heat dissipation, Brightness driven stress on student's eyes, high Endurance of the devices to run 24x7 operations, Security of information, ICT as and when needed, very simple and robust operations, etc.

Thus, we would appreciate an opportunity to meet and explain the solution which helps drive the conceptualization to visualization in Smart School, Smart City/Automation and Perimeter Security.

Our solution is amongst the very few 100% Smart Solution across India within an Municipal Corporation with ease of use, very low maintenance and lowest Total cost of operations.


  • We have covered over 96 Government schools in Mumbai, Maharashtra today, empowering thousands of students with world class Interactive learning platform.

  • We have over 60,000 students learning from our educational platform today.

  • With our latest android driven educational platform, we have empowered over 3,000 non-tech teacher with effective educational training capacity.

  • Trained over 3000 + teachers for effective use of digital systems and education pedagogy.

  • Transformed over 650 classrooms and established over 56 Computer Labs for government schools.

  • Delivered over 600 radiation free classrooms.

  • Amongst the few Government Smart School Projects being 3rd Party audited by Nationally & Globally renowned Institutes like VJTI.


      A smart school is – as its name suggests – different from a traditional school.This is a kind of school where advanced equipment and technology are used to take the educational process forward.

     The main idea is to provide the students with a learning experience that is a lot better than what may otherwise have been possible.

These days, teaching has moved to such a level that it has become advanced in the truest sense of the word. No longer are age-old methods of lectures as effective or appreciated as they once were.

    These days, students want a learning experience that is a lot more interactive in nature and this is what a smart school provides them. Smart School can be achieved with ICT (Internet & Telecommunications Technology) as well as without ICT/Offline.


  1. Studies reveal that when a child is curious, there is a sharp rise in his desired level of knowledge with just a small rise in knowledge, increasing the gap between his desired and his actual level of knowledge.

  2. Visuals along with sounds and pictures help in better understanding of concepts compared to traditional black and white textbooks.

  3. The school can be at par with the other schools, and upgrade themselves.

  4. The educational content can be provided in multiple delivery formats.

  5. We have educational mind map, and question answer videos also, covering important topic

  6. Science experiments solved and conducted on screen making it your own science lab.

  7. It’s like watching a movie, the experience of studies in a movie format making it easy to remember and interesting.

  8. It helps students understand in detail and also helps him score more marks.

  9. Students and other human always perform their best when given an agreed to challenge, keeping this very fact in mind we have developed and designed an amalgamation of Hardware and Software platform which will help students in psychosis, social interaction, team work, positivity, pronunciation, speaking development.

 10. Such amalgamation builds the very foundation of the student and boost their morale along with confidence.



Increases a Child’s Memory Capacity


Computer & Simulation



Skill-Building (e.g. map



Motivation and



Helps With Fast Strategic Thinking & Problem-Solving


Immediate Feedback


Develops Hand-Eye



Cognitive Growth


Beneficial Specifically For Children With Attention Disorders


Digital Literacy



  • Cricket

  • Football

  • Badminton

  • Hockey

  • Kho-Kho

  • Arts

  • Music

  • Photography

  • Pottery

  • Crafts


  • Traffic Rules

  • Grampanchayat

  • Elections in India

  • Loksabha/ Rajyasabha

  • Cleanliness of premises



  • Indian History

  • Indian Government

  • Economics

  • World History  

  • Geography


  • Physical education

  • Science of Human Body

  • Good eating Habits



           With the help of the technology available in these smart classes, students actually have the chance to learn from the experts of various subjects. This is one facility that is not available in traditional classrooms where it is the same teachers who take care of various subjects and this is something that does not change at all. Apart from all these, smart classes provide students more learning opportunities, makes the process of learning a fun-filled one, help them learn new technology, allow them the option to collaborate with others and learn, and their grades improve as well.

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