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Head Hunting

Head hunting is a very specialized area of recruitment of high profiles without dependency on job boards and employees seeking employment. It involves hunting candidates through direct contact, personal meetings, attending seminars and industrial exhibitions etc. It is the most effective method of sourcing and placing candidates of top positions who might be not looking for a job change. Strong network, good references and long relationship with the candidates are the most important part of our successful head hunting. Generally, recruiters at corporate companies take too long time to place senior positions for the roles as they lack head hunting skills because these hard to find candidates are not so easily available on job boards as well as on social sites, recruiters have  to search these talents and convince them to join their organization that requires strong convincing skills. When normal recruiters fail to recruit such candidates it is the headhunters who approach these successful candidates through head hunting techniques and pick up good candidates for the roles. Great convincing, creative talking and constant communication are essential to maintain a good relationship with the candidates so as to build strong wide network and thereby increasing their identity with the candidates.

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