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Overseas Recruitment

We provide a wide range of manpower services to overseas industries. While providing overseas recruitment, we ensure that services and resources are offered as per the varied needs of global clients with prospective candidates being highly trained as well as experienced in their respective domain areas.


Our selection process for Overseas Recruitment :

Global companies require the human resources adaptable not only to the job and organizational requirements, but also to the cultural requirements of various countries. Chromatic Infosystems makes sure to on board the candidates with same ability for overseas Industries.

Our selection Process include:  


  • Interview- Depending on our client’s requirement we screen, evaluate the suitable candidates within a given time. In the time of interview our expert HR and Technical team examines the ability of the candidate.

  • Psychological Testing- We make sure to recruit candidates who are mentally fit for international assignments.

  • Assessment Centre – In general we carry out Competency assessment Selection .we perform important tasks like Screening the applicant’s background on the basis of work experience with cultures other than one’s own, previous overseas travel, knowledge of foreign language and overall Performance. Testing the candidate's ability to adapt to the new culture and environment. It also includes Testing the ability of the spouse and family members of the candidates to the foreign culture and environment. Predicting the adjustment of the candidate. Testing the skill of adjustment with the host nationals. Job duties and responsibilities

  • Basic criteria: We ensure to equip the Candidates who must be willing and motivated to go overseas. They must be technically able to do the job and adaptable. They must have good inter personal skills and able to form relationship. They must have good communication ability and must have supportive families.

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